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Malaysia Genting Group executives visited our college

Party Secretary Xu Ke, President Sun Qi and Director of Shandong Province crew training center Wang Zaixian and other leaders are accompanying Malaysian Genting Group Star Dream cruise Senior Vice President Samuel, Vice President Paul and others visited the campus

Party Secretary Xu Ke, President Sun Qi and other leaders are accompanying Senior Vice President Samuel, Vice President Paul and their delegation to visit the practical training ship of the department of Aviation and Navigation

Visiting the practical training center of the department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering 

Meeting Site

Group Picture after the meeting
On November 29th and 30th, Senior Vice President Samuel, Vice President Paul, Assistant Vice President Sherry from Malaysia Genting Group Star Dream Cruise, as well as China Training Base General Manager Jackie, accompanied by Mr. Wang Zaixian, director of Shandong Provincial crew training center, and Mr. Qu Sheng Jie, section chief of the navigation department and the relevant comrades from Shandong Provincial People's Hall, visited the college and a series of cooperation matters have been discussed.
Shandong Polytechnic College Party Secretary Xuke, President Sun Qi, Vice President Li Yunzhi, Vice President Shen Yanjin  as well as other related person from the department of academic training, department of scientific research and other professional teachers from the college of aviation and navigation also participated in this exchange activities.
The delegation visited the practical training room of the department of aviation and navigation, the training center of the department of Automotive Engineering and non-material cultural heritage education and development base. During the visit, the guests listened carefully to the introduction of all sites, learned about our school-running achievements, communicated with our professional teachers, and gave high praise to the achievements on the practical training construction of our college. The college leaders also introduced the phase 3 three project, non-fire kitchen, swimming pool, new student dormitory building and related planning program of our college.
After the visit, the two sides held a meeting on the school’s conference room. The meeting was chaired by President Sun Qi, the Party Secretary expressed warm welcome to the guests on the arrival of Genting Group guests and had an in-depth introduction regarding our college’s development process, school characteristics, professional construction, campus environment, etc., particularly focused on the introduction of the department of Aviation and Navigation. Director Wang Zaixian also delivered a speech on the professional construction of crew training, teacher qualifications, training practice conditions, as well as school-enterprise cooperation.
The two sides reached a preliminary cooperation intention on the school-enterprise cooperation in carrying out order training, co-building an international cruise training base and other matters.
Malaysia Genting Group was established in 1965, is a famous Malaysian Chinese enterprises, and was founded by Mr. Lin Wutong who was once in Fujian province of China. The Group has a total of five listed companies with a market capitalization of US $ 22 billion, including the Singapore-listed Genting International and the Hong Kong-listed Star Cruises in Hong Kong, which are diversified in the fields of cultivation, real estate, papermaking, power generation, oil and natural gas. This visit led by Senior Vice President of Star Cruise Cruise Samuel served as a deep site-visit for the next step cooperation, aiming to invest in the construction of international cruise crew training base.