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The college held the meeting of civilized city built

The college establishing the civilized unit building 

The leaders of the college committee: XU Ke, SUN Qi, SHI Shengchen, LI Yunzhi, SHEN Yanjin, HUANG Yan, SHI Yihe have  attended

Secretary of the Party: XU Ke speaking

President: SUN Qi Host the meeting 

Other leaders above the vice section chief listening the meeting

Shandong polytechnic college has established the civilized unit building meeting on May 17th. There are about 160 people who are the leaders above the vice section chiefs position.  The leaders of the college committee: Xu Ke, Sun Qi, Shi Shengchen, Li Yunzhi, Shen Yanjin, Huang Yan, Shi Yihe have attended. Vice Chief of party, Dean: Sun Qi Host the meeting and Chief of the Party: Xu Ke speaking.   
Xu Ke’ s speaking started from the honer history of college, gained the civilized unit in Jining in 1996, named civilized unit in Shandong in 2006, then move to this new campus and recombine the three colleges into Shandong Polytechnic college, building famous college, applying for the high quality college and so on. Every steps are the extremely huge and significant, which also are the foundation of the building the civilized unit. .Building the civilized unit has been the most important work schedule in 2017, which is not only the as important as high quality college application but also the guarantee of developing the college culture.
Xu Ke has given three suggestions for building the college according the practical. First, enhance the responsibilities and the since of mission for building the college, as well as understanding the importance of this work and put everyone into this mission actively. Combining the Material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization, then put them into to the practical of the college. We must insisting the theory of “world vision, international standard, characteristic school, professional education” , adhere to people-centered education, moral education first principle, focusing on the development of intension,deepening reform as a driving force and guiding through the concept of open integration in order to make the college as the highland for technical skills and talents training, scientific and technological innovation, social services and cultural innovation. So as to achieve this goal, it is significant to build the civilized unit. We can increase the educational level, social status and larger developing space through the civilized building so that the college can sever the community better. Secondly, setting the goal specifically. The college has arranged the specific working group and leaders to execute the folder named The Implementation Plan for building the civilized unit of Shandong Polytechnic College. This document has presented each of the mission and the responsibilities correspondingly and emphasized the key point. Thirdly, everyone in the college works together towards the mission, which is building the civilized unit. As it is the long term mission, everyone’s behaviors and working efforts will be accounted into it, we need to gather all of the efforts to achieve the goal. The leaders need to plan as a whole and the supervision need to be falled into place. We wish every parts in the college can do the daily job in the meantime working for the civilized as well. We have the codidence to make this come ture and do ours best to make the contribution to this mission.
 It is highlighted by Dean Sun Qi on the meeting that the national civilization unit is the highest honor of the creation of civilization as well as a comprehensive inspection and evaluation for a unit. We will be under the right leadership of the college committee,seize opportunities, face the challenge directly,struggle unitedly, pull together in times of trouble. Full staff and faculty members will work together and work tirelessly. We are supposed to combine the creation of spiritual civilization with the full development of the college and actively explore the development of spiritual civilization in colleges and universities in the new era. Focusing on the overall situation of the college, we adhere to the principle of ideological and moral construction with taking idealism and belief education as the core. To achieve the goal that build good morals of being civilized to provide strong mental and cultural support for the development of schools by formation of style of faculty, teaching and study with spiritual civilization activities, we will continue to improve the system of creation, improve the mechanism of creation, and strictly manage the education, activities, demonstrations and models.