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About Us

Shandong Polytechnic College, authorized by the People's Government of Shandong Province and registered in the Ministry of Education, is a full-time public polytechnic college with a history of 65 years. It is located in Jining City, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. The campus occupies a total area of about 668,000 square meters including 400,000 square meters building area. There are 607 teaching and administrative staff all together including 178 professors/associate professors.
As one of the national demonstrative higher vocational colleges, our college is ranked No. 15th among the total number of 75. We have 13 academic departments, namely the Business Department, Mechanical and Electric Engineering, Optical Engineering, Chemical and New Materials, Information Technology, Architecture Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Aviation and Navigation, and International Educations etc., offering 41 courses including Finance and Economics, Accounting, Logistics, Manufacturing, Electronic Information, and Biochemistry.
We have formed the campus culture of “being green, humanistic, intelligent and harmonious by fully implementing the concept of “Global Version, International Standard, and Characteristic Schooling” and integrating the Confucian traditional culture with the progressive  developing new culture since the college was founded . We have close collaborations and partnerships with a number of universities, research organisations and institutions worldwide and successfully built up the Sino German Automobile Talents Training Base of the National Ministry of Education, the 3D CAD Technology Training Base of the National Ministry of Science and Technology, the Computer Talents Training Base of the National Ministry of Industry and Information, the National College Student KAB Entrepreneurship Education Base, the Shandong Province Mariner Training Base, the Hewlett-Packard Software Talents Training Base, the Oracle Software Talents Training Base, and the International Education Base of Shandong Province Education Department.
In recent years we have been enhancing the international cooperation and communication and integrating our own advantages with the global academic resources. We have built communications and exchange visits relationship and signed cooperative education programmes with the State University of New York Hudson Valley Community College, US Dixie State University, the University of Houston- Business School, Concordia University Chicago, TOP Education Institute in Australia, Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand, Saint-Petersburg State University, and the International College of Jentendo University in Japan.
Our college was granted “the International Education Base of Shandong Province” and the qualification of offering the Australia International Foundation and International Undergraduate programmes. The first graduation ceremony of the Sino-Australia Foundation Programme was held on July the 15th 2015, which means the first batch of students finished the half-year foundation study in our college, passed the entry examinations of the cooperative institutes in Australia and successfully went for their postgraduate study in Australia.
The success of our first international cooperative education caught a lot of social attention in 2015. We now have 90 students in the Sino Australia Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programme, 43 students in Sino Australia Combined College Education and Master’ Degree programme and 10 students in the International Bachelor’s Degree Programme. We are one of the top international cooperative education institutes.
We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you to create a bright future of international education.