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Fee structure for international students

The international students should payas follow:

1、Tuition: 8000RMB/year for Language student ;

The tuition can only bepaid yearly. The international students should claim the receipt after paying,without receipt, can only be regarded as no payment. In payment, only ChineseYuan(RMB) is acceptable, Dollars are NOT acceptable. Without payment oftuition, the resident permit can’t be granted. The international studentsshould keep the receipt careful in case of checking. Tuition is not refundable.(Paying at Students Center, Floor 1,international Center)

2、Lodging fee: Double room 3000RMB/yr for each person

3、Deposit for room: 2000RMB

4、Textbooks fee for Chinese:400RMB (Paying at Room 2105,International Education School)

5、Beddings: 380RMB (Paying at Room 2105, InternationalEducation School)

6、Insurance: 800RMB/yr (Paying at Room 2105, InternationalEducation School)

7、Resident permit fee: 400RMB/yr (Paying at JiningPolice Station)

8、Fees for Resident permit’s Photo: 25RMB (Paying at JiningPolice Station)

9、Physical examination: 350RMB/yr (Paying at Jining Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau)